To request a septic permit, please request the permit in writing to the Sanitarian. All requests must include an address, property description (found on tax records or Montana Cadastral), and the current property owner.

The Permitting Process
  1. First complete and send a Septic Permit Application and your fee to the Big Horn County Health Department. Send the request in two weeks prior to your desired site visit date. Once reviewed by the sanitarian, you will be contacted, and a site visit will be arranged if necessary.
    • If you are interested in obtaining a septic system guarantee letter for a lending agency or related agency, complete a written request with appropriate fees. Allow 2 weeks for scheduling. Information from the site visit will be retained for future references.
  2. If a site visit is necessary, dig an 8-foot-deep hole within 25 feet of your proposed septic drainfield. This can be done either by yourself or an installer.
  3. During the site visit, the sanitarian will analyze the soil profile for your proposed septic system based on the number of bedrooms or proposed daily wastewater amount you plan to have in the house/building. It is handy to have your backhoe operator/installer there to fill the hole after the soil profile analysis is complete.
  4. Work may not begin on the installation of the septic system until a completed permit application and applicable fee have been received and a permit to construct has been issued from the sanitarian.
    • The fee for a septic system designed by an engineer is $150, whereas a system not designed by an engineer is $300 (includes site visit).
    • This fee is different for Big Horn County-approved subdivisions – it is $100 with a certified installer and $150 with a noncertified or owner installer if system is installed in previously approved location.
    • Replacement system permit fees using a certified installer are $75 (drainfield only) and $50 (tank only). Replacement system permit fees using an uncertified installer or owner is $150 (drainfield only) and $75 (tank only).
  5. A final inspection is required before the system is buried. You may want to schedule this at least a week in advance. A completed installer’s report form is also required before an operating permit may be issued. This is due within 10 days after the final inspection has been completed.
  6. After a final inspection has been completed and the report form received, the sanitarian will issue the final septic permit. We will send you a copy for your property records. The original will be kept on file in the Big Horn County Public Health office for future references.
Service TypeFee for Cert. InstallerFree by Self-Install
New System $475.00
(Site visit included)
(Site Visit included)
New System in Approved Subdivision$150$300
Replacement Tank$75$100
Replacement Drainfield$100$150
Unpermitted System$300 + Permit Fees$300 + Permit Fees