Best Beginnings Parent Support Program

What is the Parent Support Program?

The Parent Support Program is a no-cost program for families with young children.  Enrolled families work with their own certified Support Provider to help them learn more about their child’s development at different ages.

Families get personal visits in their homes twice a month.  During each visit, there are fun learning activities for children and parents to do together.  Each visit focuses on supporting an area of child development and on family well-being.

Support Providers do not tell families what to do.  They act as partners in deciding what to work on and how to do this in a way that fits best for each family.

Why are parent support services important?

  • Parents are their child’s first and best teachers.  They know the needs of their children and families better than anyone else.
  • The more parents know about child development, the easier it is to help children get along with others and to get them prepared for school.
  • Strong families lead to happy and healthy children.  Families with good connections and supports are better able to stay strong over time.

 Who is eligible for services?

  • Families who live in Big Horn County (including the Crow Reservation)
  • Pregnant women
  • Families with babies or children up to 3 years of age

What services does the Parent Support Program include?

  • In home personal visits. Visits happen twice a month at times that work best for families.
  • Learning activities.  Parents help to promote their child’s development through books, play activities, and games.
  • Family goal setting.  Families set and meet goals that are important to them.
  • Screening.  Developmental assessments and health reviews take place, including vision and hearing screenings.
  • Resources. Families are connected with other community services, based on their needs and interests.
  • Group Connections.  Monthly group meetings cover topics of interest to families and focus on learning activities for children.

How do I enroll or get more information about the Parent Support Program?

Contact:   Shelly Sutherland, Parent Support Program Manager

Address:  Big Horn County Public Health – 809 N Custer, Hardin MT 59034

Phone:  (406) 665-8720


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