Flood Plains Regulations

Resolution No. 2005-14


The jurisdictional area for this ordinance includes all land within Big Horn County except the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations, the City of Hardin and the Town of Lodge Grass. (Hardin and Lodge Grass have their own Floodplain Ordinances).

Table of Contents

Floodplain Manual

Appendix A

Appendix B

Floodplain Review Fee Schedule


Joint Application for Proposed Work in Montana Streams, Wetlands, Floodplains, and Other Water Bodies
Submittal Requirements
Application for Variance
Stream Permitting Guide
Elevation Certificate
Letter of Map Amendments/Revisions Application Form
Permitting Review Checklist (Can be used by applicant as a guide)


BIG HORN COUNTY FLOODPLAIN MAPS (go to lower left of web site page shown below and then click on Looking for Flood Maps (On-line Map size of 40% seems to be closest to the actual paper map size and may be considered unofficial when submitting an application). Paper FEMA-NFIP MAPS can be ordered from this sight as well as a CD or ON-LINE Maps for Big Horn County for Community Number 300143, or contact the local Floodplain Administrator at 406-665-8724 for map assistance (does not include areas on the Crow Indian Reservation except that Lodge Grass maps are available and are administered by Lodge Grass).

Big Horn County “Digital” Flood Hazard Maps available October, 2009



Submit Floodplain Applications To:

Craig Taft, Floodplain Administrator
Big Horn County Health Department
809 N. Custer Avenue
Hardin, MT 59034

Phone: 406-665-8724 Fax:406-665-1025
Email: ctaft@co.bighorn.mt.us