Children’s Health Insurance

“C.H.I.P.” is the Children’s Health Insurance Plan. C.H.I.P. offers low-cost or free health insurance for children younger than 19.

Children qualify if their parents meet income guidelines based on family size, and if:

  • the children are residents of Montana
  • the children are US citizens or qualified aliens
  • the children do not have health insurance now and have not had it for the past three months (there are some exceptions)
  • the children have parents who do not work for the State of Montana

Families who go to IHS can apply too.

There are small co-payments for some families. No family pays more than $215. a year in co-payments. There are no co-payments for well child checkups, shots or dental visits. There are no premiums for families to pay. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services pays the premium each month for each child.

Applications are available at the Big Horn County Public Health Office, the WIC office, Head Start, IHS and the Public Assistance Office.


Call the Family Health Line at 1-877-KIDSNOW. The call is free. Ask for an application to fill out and mail in.


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