Child Safety Programs Overview

Car Seat Loan Program

Big Horn County Public Health, in association with Big Horn County Public Library, offers a car seat loan program for families with children ages six and under. These car seats are available while supplies last, at various times throughout the year. New shipments are announced in the local newspapers.

The child who will be using the seat should be present when the family comes to participate in the program. The child will be weighed in order to assure the proper type of seat. A certified installer will then set up the seat in the parents’ car, instructing the parents on proper installment procedures. Parents are expected to return the seat when the child outgrows it, so it can be loaned out again to other families.

For more information on the car seat loan program, call 665-8720
or 665-1808.

For specific information on car seats, age I weight parameters, etc, click here:

Car Seat Safety


Bicycle Safety/Bike Helmets

Each Spring, the Public Health Department works with the Hardin Elementary School to present a “Bike Rodeo”, teaching children how to safely ride a bike. At the Bike Rodeo, each student receives a free bicycle helmet.

(These helmets can be used when riding horses as well as riding bikes).

To access the information distributed and discussed at the Bike Rodeo,
click here:

Bicycle Safety


Fetal Infant Child Mortality Review