• Adult seat belts do not generally fit these children correctly. Using a belt positioning booster helps the seat belt fit your child properly, providing far better protection in a crash.
  • Use a belt positioning booster
  • Child must sit all the way back against the seat (high back booster shell or vehicle seat, depending on model selected).
    Both lap and shoulder belts must be used with belt positioning boosters
  • The lap belt should be snug and flat against the upper thighs.
  • The shoulder belt should be snug and flat against the chest and collarbone.
  • Note: Never let your child put a shoulder belt under his/her arm or behind his/her back. This could result in serious injuries.
    Read both the child safety seat instructions and the vehicles owner’s manual for correct use and installation of your child safety seat.
  • Note: If your child is over 40 pounds and you only have lap belts in your back seat, you may:
    – Buy a forward facing child safety seat with harnesses or crushable shields that are rated to weights higher than 40 pounds (see above).
    – Buy a special harness that is anchored to vehicle (E-Z-On Universal 86-Y Harness or E-Z On Vest at .
    – Contact an auto dealership about installing shoulder belts. If your dealer is unfamiliar with retrofit shoulder belts that are authorized by the manufacturer of your vehicle, contact the manufacturer directly.
    – Correctly restrain your child in the front seat, using a lap/shoulder belt with a belt positioning booster.
  • For more information please refer to Safe