Postponing Sexual Involvement

PSI is a series of classes offered to eighth graders, which focuses on dispelling myths about sex, resisting media and social influences, responding to peer pressure, understanding relationships, setting limits on physical affection, learning to be assertive and the consequences of sexual intercourse. The classes are overseen by a Public Health Nurse and staff from the Hardin Middle School, but are to a large degree taught by high school students who volunteer to serve in this mentorship arrangement.


Substance Use Prevention

This is a program for local teens, presented by the Public Schools with support and assistance from a Public Health Nurse. This program is also supported by the Mental Health Center, and is built on a curriculum geared to prevent the use of tobacco, alcohol, meth and other street drugs, as well as abuse of prescription medications. Students participate in group discussions, videos, and school assemblies regarding various addictive substances. Projects include a community exercise in which under- age students (accompanied by an adult) attempt to purchase cigarettes from local merchants. Although the activity is unofficial in terms of legal consequences, merchants who proceed to sell to the minor are politely confronted by the accompanying adult, and reminded to ask young looking customers for proof of age before selling tobacco.


Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon is a national organization which has developed an effective strategy in the prevention of teen suicide. In Big Horn County, Yellow Ribbon will become active at the Hardin and Lodge Grass High Schools, by the 2004-2005 school year. After the initial convocations done by the founders of this national program, a local team made up of high school students will maintain the Yellow Ribbon activities.


Tips for Parents

Yellow Ribbon